Carefully selected. Guaranteed delivery and hologram sealed.


Grüezi, welcome, glad to have you with us.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for carefully selected Swiss and foreign products . currently acts as an entry point catering for the discerning client and since sourcing and assuring availability are an art in itself we only have a few carefully selected products on offer. Mainly  top quality Cigars (mainly Cuban) and a few select Swiss and foreign specialities. Furthermore, we ship Swiss quality articles such as pocket knives, Swiss AOC produce and Mesopotamian specialities such as the highest quality of saffron or pistachios.

Due to „mixed“ experiences with vendors in the past, we decided to sell each of our carefully selected products with a little „twist“: After careful inspection we attach to any product sold internationally a tamper-proof non-falsifiable „seal of approval“. With this “guarantee” we hope to put your mind at rest and assure that you get what you were paying for. By monitoring and visiting our vendors on a regular basis, we believe to have taken our „drop shipping business“ one step further.