Carefully selected. Guaranteed delivery and hologram sealed.


Our “seal of approval” – Swiss made


All the products we ship carry a tamper proof, non falsifiable hologram or „seal of approval“. This „little sticker“ is the latest in 3D holographic print and offers a huge benefit to our customers: Since It cannot be tampered with and is non falsifiable, the moment you see it intact, you know that it was sent by us. And since we guarantee the quality of our products, you also know that you are getting what you paid for.

There are not many companies in the world that have the know how and the technical means to „manufacture“ such holograms. They are mainly and primarily used in paper money printing. We work with such a company and they agreed to put those „seals of approval“ at our disposition 😉

Why do we apply such an expensive hologram to our products? Because we have had bad experiences in the past – privately of course – when ordering “stuff“ from abroad. Fed up with having to take such a risk, we decided to use a “peace of mind” feeling for our customers when they send their hard earned money abroad.

We do this also because our products are of high quality. We came to the conclusion that if you are paying „fair prices”, you are at least entitled to „the real thing“. And in applying our “seal of approval” we are ensuring that you get what you paid for. Our word is our bond – a Swiss attitude known for centuries. Try us!